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7 Ways to Experience God more

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Before you read this old blog. the truth is: we experience God more when we #READHISWORD but continue...lol

1. BE WILLING/OPEN. The first way is to simply be WILLING and OPEN to experiencing/seeing God in your life. So many people are simply closed off to the possibility of there being an omnipresent, know it all being, that is behind the scenes of your life. Well, there is! And His name is God Almighty! And he sent His son to reconcile the broken relationship between CREATOR and CREATED, POTTER and CLAY, FATHER and CHILD..You catch my drift.. Honestly, open up your heart, get rid of all pride, resentment, confusion, and just freely allow God to work.

"God Is Good"

2. PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to your surroundings. In the Bible God often communicates with His people with signs, visions, messengers, divine interactions, and even dreams. If you have a dream, write it down. Everything in this world is interconnected, everything has a purpose. God knows what's on your heart even before you did-He molded it. He is looking to communicate with us daily, we just have to be willing to hear Him. You never know, the message you've been looking for could be in the brief interaction with the fella down at the local gas station..Many want to experience more of God, but don't spend the time actually getting to know God through his word-The Bible. The Bible is full of the character of God, and instructions from God. When you pay attention to how He operates with His people in there, you'll have a better understanding of how he wants to operate in your life! Pay attention.

It's important if you want to experience Him

3. LISTEN. Listening would have to be the next step after paying attention.. With 'paying attention' you recognize those moments as divine, or purposeful. The next thing to do, would be to actually 'listen' to those messages, signs, dreams, or divine interactions. What are they telling you? Are you hearing the same message over and over ? Is this something you've been praying for, or have you had it on your heart? They say many people hear but do they LISTEN? If my mom said "Will, don't go down mercer street, there are some aggressive stray dogs living there.." I could hear her all day, but listening might actually save me a few bite marks. In the same way hearing the message from God, and listening to the message only leads to a promised life! God's word is full of teaching, instructions, lessons, and guidance! Don't just read it, listen.

4. MEDITATE ON HIS WORD. Mediation in itself is just inner self time. Sometimes the message you may hear from God isn't what you expected, or may be something that is challenging-That's ok! The mediation will ease that shock, or absorb that message with discernment. God will never steer you wrong! In the Bible God on many occasions had a challenging word or direction for His people. We as readers today can meditate, study, and understand even more of God's word. We have no excuse, the information is out there. With the help of the Holy Spirit, which would not be so if not for the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit serves as the helper-as explained in the Bible. We aren't human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience! Tap into your inner self.

"Do Whatttttttt!?!?" What you mean LORD LOL

5. PRAYER. It's only logical that Prayer comes next! This by far is a pivotal piece in building a relationship with God, and ultimately seeing Him in our daily lives. We have to spend time with him. God is spirit, His presence can be chill-dropping. Meditation can serve as just taking in the message. Prayer is the open conversation/dialogue with God. How can you ever see God in your daily life if you don't spend time with Him? A prayer can be an all-day conversation. I know for me, if I see something in the world I may be confused about, that's a conversation starter.. 'God! You have some explaining to do!?' It can be the same for you! "God why is there greed in the world?", "Why did you take my friend Todd?", "Why did you make giraffes with lonnnngg necks?" In the Bible it talks about how God is ready to tell you His secrets! Telling secrets implies an intimate relationship.

6. OBEDIENCE! This is very important. Hearing God, Listening to God, Meditating on God, Praying to God, should always lead to obedience to God and His word. God loves obedience and raves about it in the Bible. You can't be obedient to God if you don't act or do.. Sometimes these may be the hardest things to do, but they come with great rewards! They come with experiencing God's love and grace even more!! Now imagine, 2 people, one willing to do for God, and the other hesitant and unsure. Which one might have life abundantly? And which one might go through some chastisement? Gods Will be done, we just chose the fashion in which it gets accomplished.

Yes You Can LOL

7. TRUST. This may be only the opening of the flood gates to what God is planning to do in your life, but its an imperative relationship piece-In any relationship for that matter (Trust) In the Bible God continuously inclined His people to trust Him. God's plan is always of purpose and a plan, even in the small things. Remember, God sees the bigger picture, we often see the moments, days, weeks. Our vision is sometimes with a veil. On the other side of obedience is promise! God often gives instruction and a outcome. That's where the trust will come in at..& that's where the fully experiencing God can truly blossom!


Thank you for reading! I hope this brought some clarity to you! I hope that you hear God more and more! Please like, share, and comment below


William A. Wallace


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